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Our big why: because building a business takes both of us.


Backbone Creative helps brave entrepreneurs build calm, scalable, and profitable businesses that change their industries.

We do that through high-level business coaching that allows founders to get support holistically throughout many stages of growth.

We help founders who are overwhelmed, overworked, and over their whole business get back their freedom, stability, and profitability so they have a business that supports their lives and dreams.

We do that through high-level founder coaching that gives founders a solid foundation for connecting with customers and investors who hang on their every word.

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About our founder.

Photo by  Lauren Wade

Photo by Lauren Wade


Hi, I’m Jess, your coach, strategist, idea-maker, and bad pun-creator.

I help my clients create a compelling, bold public face and build companies that make them, their teams, and the world happier and more fulfilled. I’m passionate about creating branding for the brave, helping companies stand out and grow fearlessly. And as a bootstrapped entrepreneur myself, I recommend the services you really do need that fit your budget and goals, not stuff that makes your business more complicated.

I’ve worked with companies and nonprofits in the U.S. and internationally. My background in marketing, brand management, communications development, fundraising, and event management gives me a unique window into the startup hustle. I live in the Pasadena area and in my free time, you can find me looking at art, hiking, and searching for the perfect matcha latte. 

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