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Branding takes both of us.


Brand development is an iterative, collaborative, and living process.

A good brand isn’t about a fancy website, a killer video series, or a lot of Instagram followers. Those are the things that result from the whole process. Your brand is what your audience–your fans, your followers, and your haters–says and thinks about you, and it comes from creating and fostering a deep understanding of your brand by everyone who works at your company or organization. It’s the glue that holds the ship together. And it’s vital to create it and protect it at all costs.

But why?

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You're nothing without an audience (and a plan).

Today, every market is a crowded one. You don’t have much time with a potential customer, investor, or partner before they make a decision about who you are and what you stand for. If there’s a mismatch between what you’d like to say and what you’re actually communicating—or you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks—then you’re leaving your audience confused. And a confused mind always says no (or scrolls down, or deletes the email).

Creating a visual and verbal brand language empowers you and your company to connect with your audience authentically. It soothes the confused mind and communicates your values, both internally and externally, reinforcing belief in your vision. It’s not a nice-to-have add-on to your business. It's crucial to what you do.


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Businesses are now only as strong as their brands, and nothing else offers business leaders so much potential leverage.
— Jim Stengel

About our founder.

 Photo by  Lauren Wade

Photo by Lauren Wade


Jess Joswick is an entrepreneur, a creative director, a coach, and a doer.

She helps her clients create a compelling, bold public face that speaks to a company’s many audiences and goals. She's passionate about creating branding for the brave, helping companies stand up and out. And as an entrepreneur herself, she recommends the services you really do need that fit your budget and goals, not stuff that makes your business more complicated.

Jess has worked with companies and nonprofits in the U.S. and internationally. Her background in marketing, brand management, communications development, fundraising, and event management gives her a unique window into the startup hustle. She lives in the Pasadena area and in her free time, you can find her looking at art, hiking, and searching for the perfect matcha latte. 


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