Strategic Brand Development

Backbone Creative supports brave entrepreneurs who want to create happy, healthy, and profitable businesses and startups.

One of the ways we do this is through brand strategy and development that supports and amplifies businesses through many stages of growth.


Branding for brave companies.

Regardless of your industry, your brand is the foundation of your work.

At Backbone Creative, we define brand as a series of promises you make to your customers or clients. That definition keeps the focus on your customer and the relationship you have with them at the forefront of our branding process.

Yes, it’s important to have the visuals and copy that are eye-catching and stand out on the shelf. But a brave brand is more than that. It’s the basis of everything you do and how you do it, from sales calls to shipping product. It’s also the corporate (or anti-corporate) culture you’re building—where are you going and who do you want on board to help you get there? And why does it all matter, anyway?

Your brand pulls a lot of weight, and it’s our job to make it crystal clear to everyone why they should pay attention.

After working with us, our clients have…

A new brand look and personality that is authentic and catchy, easier and faster sales, higher visibility in their field, higher engagement online, and more investors returning their calls. And at a personal level, a better understanding of what their company offers the world. Because their companies, their vision, and their big ideas are worth it.

Branding Services

how our dead-simple branding process works.

Our Brave Branding Process ensures that we deliver results that you can put into place immediately and builds trust with your best customers or clients. We work closely with you and your leadership team to understand your goals, clarify needs and wants, and deliver on time.

Your customers have a lot of opportunities to learn about your work. We help unify what you have or create a new brand so that every touchpoint and channel sends the right message.

Our process always follows this sequence:

Deep Dive Call → Strategy Deck → Brand Design

Deep Dive Call: We really get to know your company. You share your vision, why you started your company, and what makes it stand out.

Strategy Deck: The basis for the rest of our work, this deck details your brand personality, positioning in your market, and ideal client avatar. This strategy is the foundation of your marketing strategy and makes the creation of new products, marketing campaigns, and business development easier, faster, and more profitable.

Brand Design: Backbone creates the print and digital visuals that align with your strategy and customers.

Our packages can include:

  • Logo design

  • Style guide and visual brand establishment

  • Converting website copy

  • SEO-friendly website design

  • Product packaging

  • Custom business cards and other print materials

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