Backbone Business

Build a brand on a bootstrapped budget. 

New businesses and early-stage startup budgets shouldn't mean skimping on the one thing that will connect you to your users, customers, clients, or funders. Don’t leave investor or user dollars on the table. Our services are tailored for new ventures and include everything you need, nothing you don’t to grow, build a reliable customer or user base, and get dollars faster.


Create a brand that takes your new business or startup far.

You are the founder of a new business or startup. Budget is tight and so is time. Still, you and want a professional, unified look and clear, concise storytelling for your many audiences that lasts.

our packages can include:

  • Brand strategy deck

  • Development of mission, vision, and values

  • Logo design

  • Style guide and visual brand establishment

  • Converting website copy

  • SEO-friendly website design

  • Custom business cards and other print materials

Ongoing marketing services

We offer full-scale marketing support for our clients so their new brands can shine. This option is perfect for companies that want marketing support without making a full-time hire. We do:

  • Social media content development and maintenance

  • Website maintenance

  • Product packaging

  • Development of marketing materials, such as annual reports, ad campaigns, digital promotions, and mailers

  • Ongoing high-level strategy

  • Art direction for projects and photoshoots

Level up faster with our Platinum Branding Package.

Having a powerful brand is great. But if you’re a busy founder with no business background, it can seem like profit, growth, and your dreams are all ideas that are very far away.

You started your company for a reason (or many). Don't let that become part of the background of your day-to-day. Our Platinum Branding Package helps you build your business and career in a sustainable, healthy, and ambitious way. 

This package guides you through common pitfalls of building a small business and brand management. It also helps you work on your personal development to build a better business while building a better business owner.

The result: a happy, healthy work environment, devoted customers, and a deeper understanding of who you are as a business owner.

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