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Brand Breakthrough Session
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Whether you're a solo founder or in a group, or a seasoned business leader, or a new startup founder just starting on the journey, you know one thing: it's hard to figure yourself out.

Your company's brand is so close to you that it's hard to see what's important for your customers to know–because right now, everything is important.

Let us help you sort through your thoughts and get you on track to getting more users, investors, and customers than ever before with a 60-minute Brand Breakthrough Session.

You’ll get:

  • Insight into the unique aspects of your company’s brand that could make a real difference in your growth
  • Tangible next steps to starting your own brand journey
  • Inspiration and ideas for developing your own Mission, Vision, & Values or creating your moodboard

Normally $160, but just $79 for the next 24 hours!

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make that hotline bling.

In our workshop, we talked about how to build the foundation of a great brand. Now it's time to get you to the next step–getting more attention than ever before.

Use this one-on-one time with Jess to dive deep into one part of your brand development process. Stuck on visuals? Trouble articulating your mission? Need a strategy for speaking to a new audience? 

Figuring it out alone is hard and not fun. Talk to Jess today so you can make the big leap towards a bold, brave brand and get more investors, customers, and fans calling you and beating down your (figurative) door. Don't miss out! 

Brand Breakthrough Session
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The best part about working with Backbone Creative is their flexibility and intention. Backbone is 100% committed to moving your business forward and creating meaningful changes within your work and company.
— Jamika Martin, ROSEN Skincare