Build It Brand It

Check ‘impress investors' off your to-do list with a powerful brand story.   


you've built it. now let's work on your brand.

As a startup founder, you wear a lot of hats. You're doing everything you can to grow and attract investors, but your message isn't connecting.

You know you need to do something different, but what would that be? And how can you afford it? And like...when is that going to happen, exactly?


the tools you need, right now.

Our Build It Brand It Jumpstart Kit is our solution to get you out of the rut of doing the same things over and over with no results, or feeling like the marketing you have doesn't describe your startup's actual impact or importance.

This kit will give you the tools you need to get investors to pay attention to you now and show investors how you're going to transform your industry.


skip the big price tag.

Build It Brand It is a deep dive into your brand as the foundation for your marketing, including one-on-one time with Backbone Creative founder Jess and accountability so you can stop spinning your wheels and get money in the door instead.

And best of all, you can skip the pricey marketing packages that over-promise and under-deliver. We're giving you exactly what you need right now to put the finishing touches on your brand for investor scrutiny.


make your hard work shine.

Build It Brand It helped me quickly focus on how I communicate about my business, and understand the nuances of how my brand needs to attract the right audience—not just anyone.
— Celina Guerrero, founder, tessellate partners


What you get.*


Converting web content for the three most-visited pages of every startup’s site (Home Page, About, and Services/Product)

catch my eye

Suggestions for layout of home page to maximize conversion, reduce confusion, and highlight crucial content and CTAs

presenting you

Custom slides that impress. Get four template slides for your pitch deck that give your big ideas a professional polish



One round of edits to your copy after initial presentation



One hour of one-on-one time with founder Jess Joswick for brainstorming, feedback, or advice

..all in just 3 weeks!


Ready to start your brand story?


*THE FUN FINE PRINT: web copy maximum of 1800 words total; final deliverables on web copy and design suggestions is a Google Doc; no rounds of edits on slide deck; three-week turnaround subject to your schedule and availability.


How it works.


Week 1: Share and dream

You start with a 30-minute brand strategy call to clarify your goals and help us reach into your brain for powerful web copy.


Week 2: Create and revise

Backbone works our magic on your web presence and pitch materials.


Week 3: Elevate and take off

You get your perfected web copy, gorgeous pitch deck templates, and time with founder Jess to strategize and create your simple action plan to reach more users, customers, and investors.


Content covered.

Defining your venture’s story · writing on-brand copy · visual and written unity · easy ways to manage your marketing


What happens.

You have a stronger, braver brand.

Ready to be an investor darling? Your brand is about to be crystal-clear, cohesive, and consistent. It describes your company in an exciting, compelling way and make you the obvious choice for your target customers.


You have everything you need to launch.

Or re-launch, or make what you've already got come alive with magnetic, powerful, and descriptive language so investors jump to pull out their term sheets. 



You know all of those revisions, half-baked thoughts, and stumbling blocks? We cut through them to help you create a brand foundation that makes for strong messaging on any platform, so you can get back to the things you really want to do.


YOU shake off confusion, uncertainty, and overwhelm.

Hey, we get it—marketing and creating your brand aren't really your ‘thing.’ But now you have a handle on it and feel in control of your messaging. You’re able to share your company’s story with confidence so people see what you've known all along—you’re the next big thing in your industry.


Your converting web content, pitch materials, and marketing and investor advice...

All for $497!


I would recommend anyone from a young start-up to a seasoned organization to consult with Backbone. They have been absolutely instrumental in helping to tie together many ideas into a cohesive narrative, and help us tell our story...something we know so intimately, but when you’re so close, is sometimes hard to describe.
— J. Stewart, Richmond Promise


About Backbone Creative.

Backbone Creative is a branding studio that works with e-comm and tech entrepreneurs, founders, and startups to create a brave identity and structure for their businesses on a bootstrapped budget.

Our brand development process meets you where you are in your entrepreneurial journey so you can get started gaining traction, acquiring a devoted tribe, and turning your big dream into a profit powerhouse. See some of our work.


Ready to impress without a heavy price tag?

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