Build It Brand It

Check ‘impress investors' off your to-do list with an original, authentic brand story.   

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you've built it. now let's work on your brand.

As a startup founder, you wear a lot of hats, whether or not you like the way they look. You've been doing all of the marketing things, but they haven't been helping you grow, and your messaging feels...well, a little off. You know you need to do something different to stand boldly in front of investors and customers, but what would that be? And how can you afford it? And like...when is that going to happen, exactly?

the tools you need, right now.

Our Build It Brand It Audit is our solution to get you out of the rut of doing the same things over and over with no results, or feeling like the marketing you have doesn't describe your venture's actual impact or importance. This audit will give you the tools you need to get customers and investors to pay attention to you now and show the world how you're going to transform your industry.

skip the big price tag.

Build It Brand It is a deep dive into your brand as the foundation for your marketing, including one-on-one time with Backbone Creative Founder Jess and accountability so you can stop spinning your wheels and get money in the door instead. And best of all, you can skip the pricey marketing packages that over-promise and under-deliver. We're giving you exactly what you need right now to put the finishing touches on your brand for investor scrutiny.

make your hard work shine.

I would recommend anyone from a young start-up to a seasoned organization to consult with Backbone. They have been absolutely instrumental in helping to tie together many ideas into a cohesive narrative, and help us tell our story...something we know so intimately, but when you’re so close, is sometimes hard to describe.
— J. Stewart, Richmond Promise

What you get.

  • UP AND AWAY: A revised elevator pitch that gets investors, users, and customers excited about your work (or a brand spankin' new pitch, if you don't have it already) 
  • BREAK THE INTERNET: Converting web content for your three must-have web pages 
  • DIGITAL DIRECTION: Custom graphics that impress. Choose from either social media assets (custom Twitter and Facebook cover images and a rewritten Instagram bio that intrigues and converts) OR two custom images for your website (designed and edited) 
  • DETAILS, DETAILS: One round of edits to your copy and graphics after initial presentation
  • DIRECTOR'S CHAIR: 30 more minutes of one-on-one time with founder Jess Joswick for brainstorming, feedback, or advice

..all in just 3 weeks!

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How it works.

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Week 1: Share and dream

You start with a questionnaire and a 30-minute call with Jess to get to know your venture's goals and vision.


Week 2: Create and revise

Backbone works our magic on your web presence and ‘about us’ elevator pitch. 


Week 3: Elevate and take off

You get more time with Jess to talk through other branding or marketing questions, concerns, or quandaries.


Content covered.

Defining your startup’s story | writing on-brand copy | visual and written unity | easy ways to manage your marketing


What happens.

You have a stronger, braver brand.

Ready to be an investor darling? Your brand is about to be crystal-clear, cohesive, and consistent. It describes your company in an exciting, compelling way and make you the obvious choice for your target customers.


You have everything you need to launch.

Or re-launch, or make what you've already got come alive with magnetic, powerful, and descriptive language so investors jump to pull out their term sheets. 



You know all of those revisions, half-baked thoughts, and stumbling blocks? We cut through them to help you create a brand foundation that makes for strong messaging on any platform, so you can get back to the things you really want to do.


YOU shake off confusion, uncertainty, and overwhelm.

Hey, we get it—marketing and creating your brand aren't really your ‘thing.’ After working with us, you'll have a handle on it and feel in control of your messaging. You'll be able to share your startup's story with confidence in front of investors or customers so they see what you've known all along—you're the next big thing in your industry and you're ready for the big time.


Your elevator pitch, converting web content, digital assets, and brand and marketing advice...

All for $497!


Hold on, who's Jess?



She helps her clients create a compelling, bold public face that speaks to a company's many audiences and goals. She's passionate about creating branding for the brave, helping companies stand up and out. And as an entrepreneur herself, she recommends the services you really do need that fit your budget and goals, not stuff that makes your business more complicated.

Jess has worked with companies and nonprofits in the U.S. and internationally. Her background in marketing, brand management, communications development, fundraising, and event management gives her a unique window into the startup hustle. She lives in the Pasadena area and in her free time, you can find her looking at art, hiking, and searching for the perfect matcha latte. 

Ready to impress without a heavy price tag?

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