Get a strong foundation for your marketing plan done and off your to-do list.  

As a startup founder, you wear a lot of hats, whether or not you like they way they look. You've been doing all of the marketing things, but they haven't been helping you grow, and your messaging feels...well, a little off. You know you need to do something different, but what would that be? And how can you afford it? And like...when is that going to happen, exactly?

Build It Brand It is our solution to get you out of that rut, get going, and get people to pay attention to you now. It's deep dive into your brand as the foundation for your marketing, including one-on-one time with Backbone Creative Founder Jess and accountability so you can stop spinning your wheels and get money in the door instead. And all at a startup-friendly price.

What you already have, but better.

build it brand it.png

What you'll get.

  • GOING UP: A revised elevator pitch that makes investors, users, and customers want to know more (or a brand spankin' new one, if you don't have it already) 
  • I'M ON THE INTERNET: Web content for your three must-have web pages 
  • SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: Custom Twitter and Facebook cover images and Instagram bio that intrigues and converts
  • JUST US: 1 hour of one-on-one time with founder Jess Joswick for brainstorming, feedback, advice, or movie recommendations
  • A few bonus items along the way!

..all in just 3 weeks!


How it'll work.

Share and collab.jpg

Week 1: Share and dream

You start with a questionnaire and a 30-minute call with Jess to get to know your startup's goals and vision


Week 2: Create and revise

Backbone works our magic on your web presence and 'about us' elevator pitch 


Week 3: Elevate and take off

You get another hour with Jess to talk through other branding or marketing questions, concerns, or quandaries


Content covered.

Defining your startup's story | writing on-brand copy | visual and written unity | easy ways to manage your marketing


What will happen.

You'll have a stronger, braver brand.

Your brand will be more cohesive, creative, and consistent. It will communicate your startup in a clear, compelling way and make you an investor darling and the obvious choice for your target customers.


You'll have everything you need to launch.

Or re-launch, or just make what you've already got more magnetic, powerful, and descriptive. #alwaysimproving



Remember all of those revisions, half-baked thoughts, and stumbling blocks? We'll cut through them to help you create a brand foundation that makes for strong messaging on any platform, so you can get back to the things you really want to do.


YOU'll shake off confusion, uncertainty, and overwhelm

Hey, we get it–marketing and creating your brand aren't really your 'thing.' After working with us, you'll have a handle on it and feel in control of your messaging. You'll be able to share your startup's story with confidence in front of investors or customers.