Coaching for passionate and mission-driven business owners.

You're running your business and doing all of the things to help it grow–tinkering with your website, posting on the 'gram (at least there's auto-post now, right?),  hustlin' to meetings and meetups and training and oh yeah, do the work you're paid to do and keep your customers or clients happy. But you're not growing as fast as you'd like, and sometimes you drop the ball on things like day-to-day admin or a new marketing funnel. You suspect there's more you need to know. But what IS the best thing to do? And like...when is that going to happen, exactly?

Backbone Creative's one-on-one coaching program gives creative business owners the structure you need to grow and thrive. With a branding and outreach lens, our program gives you direction, structure, accountability, and inspiration for doing the things that have a real impact on your business. The result? You'll stop spinning your wheels and instead do the things you love to do, and get paid for them, too.

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What's included.

  • JUST US: Two hour-long one-on-one coaching sessions with founder Jess Joswick on Zoom
  • A CLEAR LENS: Exercises and frameworks to help you discover the big 'why' in your career and how to use that to drive your business' growth
  • MIND THE GAP: When you're a small business owner, it's so easy to get in your own way. We'll work on clearing the ways of thinking and beliefs that don't serve you and put a break on the emotional rollercoaster before it takes off
  • ON TASK: Accountability to get your action items done and build a sustainable venture that supports the life you want
  • A few bonus items along the way!


How it'll work.

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Share and clarify

What's going on in your business right now? What needs our immediate attention? We'll start each session focusing on what matters most, right now.


Discover and discuss

Whether it's a mindset issue, a sales cycle breakdown, or an outreach strategy question, we'll break down what it is you need in this moment to move you forward.


Get it done

You'll leave each session with clear next steps for making critical changes to your business (and to you, too).


Content covered.

defining you personal mission, vision and values |  developing a target customer | sales strategies that don't feel icky | getting your admin and money right | real mindset shifts that work 


What will happen.

You'll have a strong, brave brand.

Your business' brand will be cohesive, creative, and consistent. It will communicate your work in a clear, compelling way and make you the obvious choice for your target customer.


You'll get clear on your goals.

Sometimes the gap between what you're doing and what you want seems pretty wide. We'll set the goals that align with your big vision and 



Meet your new accountability buddy. Our check-ins will support you through those revisions, half-baked thoughts, and stumbling blocks that lead to great things.


YOU'll have a business that supports you

Feeling like you're doing everything for your business and it's kinda ghosting you? We'll make that relationship less toxic


About your coach.


Jess Joswick is the founder of Backbone Creative, a branding studio in Pasadena, CA that works with entrepreneurs and startups to create bold, brave brands that connect, convert, and delight. She helps her clients create a compelling, bold public face that speaks to a company's many audiences and goals. She has worked with companies and nonprofits in the U.S. and internationally. Her background in marketing, brand management, communications development, fundraising, and event management gives her a unique window into the small business hustle. Business coaching, her newest venture, is a natural extension of her ability to connect people with their passions, surgically sort through large projects, and keep everything on track and goal-aligned–all at the service of her client.

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