Get your beauty or skincare brand ready for the holiday season.

The holidays are coming. Is your beauty brand ready for the rush?

You're doing all of the things to help your e-comm business grow—fulfilling orders, creating a social media strategy, talking to distributors, and squeezing in some time for planning ahead.

But you're not growing as fast as you'd like, and since you’re not a designer, you’re making do with help from friends, freelancers, and Canva (your BFF).

Your beauty or skincare company deserves a cohesive, professional brand—and it needs one fast and on a budget.

Get your new brand before Black Friday with the Designed For Sales Package exclusively for personal care brands from Backbone Creative.


what your business needs to compete.

Feeling behind? Our Designed For Sales Package helps you leap forward in your vertical so you put your best foot forward for year-end shopping. Watch your engagement and sales increase thanks to a consistent brand look, and feel more confident closing out the year with a big bang.


who wants 23% more sales?

You do. Consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenues by up to 23%, according to DesignRush. If your company looks slightly different everywhere, that means you're leaving money on the table. We can help you put it in your pocket.


What's included.


One hour-long brand strategy session with founder Jess Joswick to kick off your rebrand. You dig into your big why for your business, what makes your products unique, and what you want for your redesign. You walk away with a better understanding of your company and we get to work on your brand.


make your mark

A word-based logo (what’s called a wordmark, or just the name of your company) that looks fantastic on web, mobile, and in print.


ready to surf

A new website that converts and delights on Squarespace or Shopify, including up to 5 product pages, About, Home page, Contact, and one other page using all of your photos and content. 


getting social

Your holiday campaign is done. Up to designed 10 Instagram posts and 10 Facebook posts plus on-brand copy for your year-end sales success. We use your photos to make a cohesive campaign that converts.


All for just $3,499 for a limited time only.

While working with Backbone Creative, I was able to narrow down and concisely explain my ideas in probably a quarter of the time I spent trying to do it on my own. As an e-commerce skincare company, branding is huge, so having it all put together helped my brand move forward and reach new customers. Backbone really took the time to break it down and make it easy.
— Jamika Martin, Founder, ROSEN Skincare


This price seems really low. What gives?

You’re right. Why are we doing this to ourselves? Short answer: we want to get you on the map. We love working with entrepreneurs and dreamers and we want to make good design accessible for as many founders as possible. We have a passion for skincare, beauty, and CPG verticals in particular, so if that's you and you're interested, let's talk.


How long do I have to decide?

This offer goes away after September 14, 2018 (if we get started much later, we won’t finish in time for Black Friday). If you’re on the fence, it's best to book a call with Jess just in case to gauge if this is the right move for you.


What if I want something else? 

Add-ons to this offer (packaging, brand strategy, etc.) are available! Schedule a call to talk through what you need.

About Backbone Creative.

Backbone Creative is a branding studio in Pasadena, CA that works with e-comm and tech entrepreneurs, founders, and startups to create a brave identity and structure for their businesses, all on a bootstrapped budget.

Our brand development process meets you where you are in your entrepreneurial journey so you can get started gaining traction, acquiring a devoted tribe, and turning your big dream into a profit powerhouse. See some of our work.

Ready to do this?

Let's find out if you + Backbone Creative=magic. Hit the button below to schedule a call with our founder Jess and talk through some specifics about working together.