The Backbone Founders Circle Coaching Program

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Starting a business is an act of bravery.

If you’re the founder of a startup, online or service business, or e-comm company, your entrepreneurial journey began with your dream and your courage. And you’re still responsible for it all—new products, marketing funnels, sales, distributor relationships, investor pitches, networking, hiring, and oh yeah, goal-setting and planning new product lines, courses, or service packages. 

There are so many things to love about running your own company—being your own boss, being able to test and make changes fast, and the freedom to structure your life how YOU want.

But there are things we could leave…like that financial instability, lack of systems and processes, and feeding the marketing/social media machine.

And too often, you run into unwelcome visitors on your journey like doubt, overwhelm, and fear that take you off your game and send you into work that wastes your time, takes all your energy, and makes zero dollars.

Sound familiar? 

You spend time on making your product or working with your clients. It’s also on you to run a business that makes money. Easy, right? 

(Hint: if it were easy, everyone would be doing it)

Create a business that supports the life you want.

At Backbone Creative, we help entrepreneurs create the lives and income they love through life-centered business coaching.

The Founders Circle is our signature program for founders who want to get further faster. Our secret sauce is our Strong Backbone Framework, a potent blend of business skill-building, one-on-one coaching, mindset work, and community to make real change happen.

 The Founders Circle is for you if:

  • You need to 2x or 3x (or more) your revenue in the next year

  • You’re bootstrapping your startup and need to get investor- and user-ready

  • You want to kick your day job or side hustle (or both) to the curb and have your business be 100% of your income 

  • You’re busy all the time, but somehow your to-do list never gets shorter

  • You’re at a crossroads. If your company or app doesn’t take off soon, you’ll have to go back to a 9-5 (ugh)

  • You’re ready to ditch isolation and get support from likeminded entrepreneurs (in your pajamas, if you want)

Curious? Hit the button to request more info!

The best part about working with Jess is her intention. She’s 100% committed to moving your business forward and creating BIG meaningful changes in your day-to-day and your company at large.
— Jamika Martin, ROSEN Skincare

Hello, fellow entrepreneurial explorer!

Don’t stand in the middle of the road, kids

Don’t stand in the middle of the road, kids

I know what’s going through your mind right now.

Who is this person? Is coaching really how I want to spend my money? Do I have any snacks in my bag right now? (Maybe that last one is just me…)

I am an entrepreneur, a strategist, a former nonprofit fundraiser, a cat lady, a Michigander turned Angeleno, and a seasonal-coffee-beverage appreciator. Okay, I can’t read your mind, but the truth is, I know your situation all too well.

The truth is…

I was good at what I did, but I had totally hit a ceiling...

I had maxed out my referrals, was scared to death of networking or picking up the phone, and felt resigned to years of snail-like growth before I ‘made it.’ Hey, you gotta put in your time, right?!

And I didn’t think I could ask for more or better work…

And even if I got it, I couldn’t handle it all. I was resigned to being overworked, underpaid, and overwhelmed.

but I never thought i needed to pay for help.

Coaching? That was something for more ‘successful’ corporate people. What difference could it make? All I need to do was to get better at my craft. Someone would notice eventually!

Coaching changed my life forever. With my coach’s guidance, I got rid of some long-held beliefs I was dragging around and business skills that weren’t part of my academic career (somehow, that didn’t make it into the Italian literature core curriculum in college).

I’m thrilled that you’re interested in joining the Backbone Founders Circle. Learning and growing alongside fellow entrepreneurs is the best part of the ride!

However you’ve gotten here and wherever you are on your journey, you’re in the right place to get further than you ever thought possible. I can’t wait to see what you build.

Feel your 9—5 or ‘gig’ life creeping up again?

i know it too well…

I know that many early entrepreneurs are juggling their business, work that pays the bills, and side projects. You may be looking at your calendar and wondering…okay, so just how long can I keep this up?

Working within the Strong Backbone Framework makes sure your job-juggling days are in your past forever. Based on the Creative Successful Entrepreneurs coaching model, our Framework includes lots of different types of coaching time, with a variety of expert and peer-driven content and accountability.

This mix means that you have at least 3 calls each month, plus email support, so you can keep your entrepreneurial motor humming away on what matters the most.

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The meat and potatoes: what’s included in the Circle

every journey needs a plan

The Founders Circle is a 12-month life-centered business coaching program for entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their growth without the overwhelm, anxiety, and burnout traditionally associated with running a business.

This program is for service-based businesses and online-first product/e-comm companies.

As a member of the Circle, you get:

  • A live training call each month on a specific topic

  • A live Q&A call each month

  • One private coaching session with Jess each month

  • Trainings with Visiting Coaches throughout the year on topics crucial to business, like product development, digital marketing, PR, and working with influencers

  • Strategy calls to work on your branding and marketing

  • Community access outside of our virtual meetings

  • In-person quarterly retreats in Los Angeles

  • One day-long retreat in Los Angeles

  • Some other things that are too juicy to list here!

Sound like something you generally dig?

Let us know and get some more details.

Working with Jess relatively early on in my entrepreneur journey was such a great decision because now I feel like I have a super solid foundation to build on that I couldn’t have built on my own.

I also had fun working with Jess! I honestly looked forward to my phone calls with her due to her friendly and calming energy and personal investment in the process. Her obvious belief in me helped to strengthen my belief in myself.
— Hailley Field, HomeCooked

Questions? It’s only natural.

what’s so great about coaching?

If you have a great mentor or boss (or therapist) in your life, work with consultants, or have completed an accelerator, you know the power of focused attention on your business and yourself. Coaching is a little different.

A coach looks at your whole business to help you run it more efficiently, effectively, and joyously. Business coaches help you get clear on your life goals and connect them to your day-to-day actions in your work.

Ready for radical, life-changing honesty? Business coaches have an obligation to tell it like it is in service of your progress and growth.

what does ‘life-centered’ mean?

Let’s be real: as entrepreneurs, the lines between work and life are always blurry. But that doesn’t mean that you need to ‘rise and grind,’ work 80 hours a week, or give up being a friend/partner/parent/human being to have a successful career.

In short: ‘life-centered’ means making you business manageable, productive, and dare we say, fun. The Strong Backbone Framework puts YOU in the driver’s seat. Together with Jess and your fellow entrepreneurs, you build the business that honors what’s non-negotiable for you.

how fast will i go?

Sustainable growth doesn’t happen overnight (yes, even in the startup world). That’s why the Founders Circle includes multiple ways to learn, grow, and be challenged each month. Because what got you where you are now isn’t going to get you to your next big turning point. Let’s find out what will together!

How much is it?

Crucial question! We’ll discuss your investment on our Q&A call. Manageable payment plans are available.

Don’t wait until someday to build a business that makes you fulfilled and thriving. Contact me to find out more about the Backbone Founders Circle! I can answer all of your questions on our call.

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can’t wait to meet you!