Real estate investing is a pain.

Credit: Richard Fusillo

fundnatics wants to change that.

Fundnatics is an app-based community for real estate investors and lenders to connect, learn about one another, and get deals done faster. But founder Dorothy Pang was running into a problem. Her experience in the mortgage industry had taught her how to make a great product–but she was spending too long writing slide decks, social media posts, and emails because she didn’t know how to describe her app in a compelling, concise way.


Backbone Creative created user-centered messaging that reconnected Fundnatics to its users. Real estate investing is often someone’s second or third career, and investors start with little knowledge of the industry. By zeroing in on what these users might want and need, Backbone Creative created marketing that conveys Dorothy’s vision and genuine passion for helping people make smart financial and career choices. What’s more, the messaging resonates with investors and partners, too–and that’s work you can take to the bank.



What we did.

Brand development

Creative direction

Founder coaching

Messaging and marketing strategy

As an app founder, there were 10 million things on my mind. When I started working with [founder] Jess, I didn’t understand the process and I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle marketing. Now I know that the branding process is good for your audience and you as a founder, too. My work with Backbone Creative has saved me A LOT of time, and our emails caught an angel investor’s attention…that was a huge benefit to me.
— Dorothy Pang, Founder & CEO, Fundnatics

Results Over 3 Months

57% more Twitter followers

Over 8K Twitter impressions

Angel investor meetings