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Giving your company a brave brand personality and look can be scary.

Fear not! We’re here for you whether you’re lost or if this is your 300th rebrand.

We heart design, but…

It’s not the first step, and it’s only half the job. The other half is getting to know your company and you. What makes it unique? What’s your customer experience? How do you describe your employee culture?  What kind of snacks do you have at your office? (We’re just curious). We do a full brand assessment of what you’re doing now, or if you’re new, how you envision your company.

We use that information to create the visuals that communicate what your company stands for. We check in along the way and solicit feedback, making sure you and your team aren't left in the dark. 

And the result?

A brand that feels right and boldly stands out. Language to talk about your company that is authentic, fresh, and catchy. Higher visibility in your field, higher engagement online, more investors returning your calls, more people saying, 'Oh, that sounds interesting' at your next dinner party, and ultimately, more #rideordie customers who are more than happy to become your tribe. Because your company, your vision, and your big idea are worth it.


not sure where to start?

Join us for a Read Your Compass Jumpstart Call

Let’s talk it out. This one-on-one 90-minute call will give you clarity on what you need to craft your brand’s voice. We’ll start with a questionnaire that sheds light on your own values and vision. We then dive into how that impacts all parts of your company, both present and future. You’ll walk away with a clear picture of next steps and the road ahead.

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At the outset, what I thought I needed was just a logo, but along the way Backbone helped me think more broadly about the brand, about what I wanted to convey. In the end I did get a creative, unique logo, but also a powerful brand guide that I still use to think about the application of the logo - and how I think about all the visuals and even brand identity.
— Brett Thompson, Treadlight Ventures

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