Meridian Public School

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Meridian Public School serves Pre-K–8th grade students in Washington, DC. Recent leadership changes and staff turnover had resulted in a lack of cohesion and understanding of the logo, which the community felt did not communicate the vibrancy, personality, or innovative curriculum of the school. Leadership approached Backbone asking for a look and website that would unify, inspire, and show off the school’s many programs and initiatives in a compelling way.


Backbone did a full brand audit of all Meridian materials throughout the years, which included many different iterations of the logo and mascot. Overall, they were too hard to replicate across different media and made the school look dated. We also looked at other DC schools to see what was missing in the market. Meridian is one of the original charter schools in DC and is very much a neighborhood school. Many current students are the children of former Meridian students. This unique familial feeling in the school is the reason many parents choose Meridian, and luckily, it was also the narrative that was missing in the marketplace. Backbone helped pivot the messaging to parents who want a safe, welcoming environment for their children to grow, take risks, and discover worlds beyond their own.


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