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How can someone with zero business background build a thriving empire?

Why not? People have been doing this exact thing for years. They didn’t wait for someone to give them the OK, or a degree to certify they had the expertise. That’s the freedom of entrepreneurship—but with it comes responsibility.

Just because you haven’t gotten that MBA, or worked at a big company, or had a great mentor doesn’t mean you can’t run a business. And having all of those experiences doesn’t guarantee you learned about running a business, either.

Ready to learn more about your next steps?

Yes! Give me the program details.

The Founders Circle is a 12-month coaching program for entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their growth without overwhelm, anxiety, and burnout.

The Circle is for service-based businesses and online-first product companies.

All of our meetings are Zoom calls that can be accessed anywhere and recorded in case you miss them.

As a member of the Circle, you get:

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One monthly all-Circle training call

Following the Strong Backbone Framework, Jess trains on a specific area of running a profitable business, like marketing, sales, packaging and pricing, and mindset. This is the cornerstone of our month and will make our private time more targeted and actionable. (60 mins.)


One monthly Q&A call

Dig into your questions specific to your business model so you can refine what we discussed earlier in the month in our training call (45 mins.)

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One monthly private coaching session

Understand and break through your particular challenges and queries with Jess (30—45 mins.)

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One one-on-one Jumpstart session

Build a road map for your coaching relationship and your priorities with Jess. Occurs in the first month of your program. (90 mins.)


Trainings with Visiting Coaches

Gain knowledge from subject-matter experts throughout the year on topics like product development, working with influencers, SEO/SEM, brand activations, and legal matters (details announced throughout the year)


marketing support

Additional brand and marketing strategy time (3 hours) for a specific product or program launch


Access to our private Slack channel

Continue the conversation with your fellow members and develop new ideas and partnerships


in-person retreats

Quarterly half-day planning retreats, plus a full-day event to be held in Los Angeles in late summer/early fall 2019 (details announced soon)


other goodies

  • Email and text support in between calls

  • Special rates on marketing and design work with Backbone Creative

  • Optional additions include more private calls with Jess, brand strategy and development, and program launch support (determined one-on-one—contact us for details)

Price: $550—$750/month
($8,500—$11,000 total, depending on optional add-ons to program. Multiple monthly payment plans available)

Jess brought an amazing balance between creativity and structure, really helping bring The Vegan Atelier to life. I was most impressed with her ability to listen and respond, but also to guide me in areas where I didn’t know what I didn’t know.
— Brett Thompson, Treadlight Ventures

Why join the Founders Circle?

Here’s the thing.

I know you have a ton of options for learning online. This is what makes the Founders Circle different.

Other virtual programs

Limited one-on-one time

Focus on either your LIFE or your BUSINESS

Focused on short, quick wins

General knowledge for lots of industries

No in-person experience

founders circle

Regular one-on-one sessions

Training that benefits the WHOLE founder

Focused on long-term success

Teachings applied directly and immediately to your field

Live retreats!

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A message from Jess

hi there!

You’ve made it this far, so I know that you’re committed to making a change in your business AND yourself. Congratulations!

I love doing workshops.

I love doing workshops.

That may seem weird to say, but really, there are a ton of leaders who

  • think they know everything

  • aren’t willing to learn

  • are afraid to ask for support, guidance, or a friend

If I could make a list of people who AREN’T right for this program…well, I guess I just did.

Apparently, my red aura means I’m passionate and like dynamic, abundant experiences. I’ll take it!

Apparently, my red aura means I’m passionate and like dynamic, abundant experiences. I’ll take it!

Saying YES to support of any kind, even if it’s not this program, is what will take you and your business(es) far.

I can’t wait for you to join our group. I recognize what an investment it is, both of time and money, and I don’t take your commitment lightly.

Reindeer sledding with my partner in Norway!

Reindeer sledding with my partner in Norway!

Please take some time to think about if our community is the best fit for you and your business. While coaching with me will be transformative, showing up, being present, and supporting others is where the magic happens.

In the meantime, here’s a little bit more about me…

  • I used to be a semi-professional musician—clarinet was my main instrument and I also played viola and violin.

  • I’ve lived in four other cities besides Los Angeles and I LOVE calling LA home now.

  • My boyfriend and I love to travel, but we miss our cats sooo much while we’re gone (also, white fur + mostly black wardrobe=way too many lint rollers needed).

Have more questions? Let’s find some time to get them answered. I want to make sure you have the information you need to make the right commitment!

Ready to go? Hit the button below to join us!