Natural skincare for everyone. 

Credit:  Richard Fusillo

clear skin + confidence.

ROSEN Skincare’s goal is to bring clear skin and confidence to its customers with clean, natural products. Owner Jamika started the company because she couldn’t find anything like it on the market and graduated college early to build her company.


ROSEN already had a small group of devoted customers, but Jamika was struggling with communicating what was important about her products in a compelling way. With ROSEN’s visuals somewhat in flux, she was also unsure about what her brand actually was and what it should look like. And they were spending too much time on spinning their wheels writing the same things over and over.


Backbone Creative worked with the ROSEN team to unify and amplify their values and differentiation points. We crafted messaging, a tone, and an attitude that appeals to ROSEN’s customers: millennials and Generation Z who want natural products made for their skin that look the part. With a clear idea of who she’s after, Jamika can now pursue influencers, media opportunities, and partnerships that will support ROSEN’s growth and influence.



What we did.

Brand development

Creative direction

Founder coaching

Messaging and marketing strategy

The best part about working with Backbone Creative is their flexibility and intention. Backbone is 100% committed to moving your business forward and creating meaningful changes within your work and company. With Backbone, they aren’t just going to do tasks and take the payment, they are going to make sure you are on the right track to growing your business in a way that makes sense and is sustainable.
— Jamika Martin, Founder, ROSEN Skincare
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Results Over 3 Months

127% increase in Instagram followers

90% more newsletter subscribers

Working with 88% more influencers