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Backbone Creative works closely with founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs to make brands that support viable, happy businesses.


create a sustainable foundation

What does it take to run a company? Hard work, a big vision, a great team, talent, and a little bit of luck sure help. Wouldn’t it also be nice to have someone in your corner who is laser-focused on your company and you as a person?

Founder Coaching is how you bring it all together. Our holistic, life-centered approach makes sure your day-to-day tactics are in service of your bigger goals for yourself and your company. Together, we build the foundation for your company to grow and change without you losing your sanity or health in the process.

Branding for brave companies.

Regardless of your industry, your brand is a crucial part of your work.

Yes, it’s important to have the visuals and copy that communicate your mission, vision, and you-ness. But a great brand is more than that. It’s the foundation for everything you do and how you do it, from sales calls to shipping product. We think about all of your touchpoints that make your brand unique and fearless.


After working with us, our clients have…

A brand that feels right and boldly stands out. A deep understanding of their work and why they do it, and language to talk about their company that is authentic, fresh, and catchy. Higher visibility in their field, higher engagement online, more investors returning your calls. A healthy mindset and work environment and happy team. Because your company, your vision, and your big idea are worth it.

At the outset, what I thought I needed was just a logo, but along the way Backbone helped me think more broadly about the brand, about what I wanted to convey. In the end I did get a creative, unique logo, but also a powerful brand guide that I still use to think about the application of the logo—and how I think about all the visuals and even brand identity.
— Brett Thompson, Treadlight Ventures

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