Share your vision and get your business on the map. 

As a business owner, you may think branding is something that would be nice to have—if you didn't have a budget, product to sell, a team to manage, or admin work to get done. The good news? Creating a brand story will make running your business easier.

There's a magical thing that happens when customers feel like you understand what they want: they see your company as the clear choice for their dollars. Read on to learn how our packages can do some of the heavy lifting for you—and get ready to take some work off your plate.

Chart Your Course.png

Chart your course.

You're just starting your business and while you know it's important to have a brand, you've also got a stack of other invoices for your start-up costs. You want to communicate your vision and purpose with the world, but aren't sure where to begin. This package gives your company a solid foundation for launching marketing efforts and making your mark in your industry.

You get:

  • One 60 min. Jumpstart call and brand discovery form 
  • Development of mission and values
  • Visual inspiration board
  • Design of website template
  • Logo design, starting with 2 options

30 min. website updating training call

Hoist the Sails.png

Hoist the sails.

You're happy with your website, but everything else is pretty meh—and it all looks a little different. You don't really have a compelling way to talk about your work, and you suspect your logo could use a little TLC. 

You're familiar with what to do (rewrite your website, find someone to edit that logo), but since your business is growing, you're pretty strapped for time and energy. 

Sounding familiar? Stop just thinking about it and get going already.

You get:

  • One 90 min. Jumpstart call and brand strategy guide to help frame our work 
  • Development of mission, vision, and values
  • Visual inspiration board
  • Website audit with recommendations for changes to design and copy
  • Logo redesign
  • Style guide
  • Business card design

Promotional postcard design
30 min. website updating training call

Sail away.png

Sail past the shore.

Come sail away, come sail a brand that’s locked in to its identity and in touch with its customer and employee experience, of course! This packages includes extra analysis of your market and industry and development of your customer avatar, information that gives you a crucial edge over your competition. Not only will you have a mission-focused brand, you'll have the tools to build a team that's aligned with your vision and focused on your success.

you get:

  • One deep dive brand session: three hours of discussion and strategy with our founder 
  • Development of mission,  values, and elevator pitch
  • Brand presentation, including positioning, analysis of marketplace, customer avatar, and risk analysis
  • Logo design, starting with 3 options 
  • Copywriting for and design of your website 
  • Custom letterhead and business cards

30 min. website updating training call
2 months of website maintenance
2 additional print pieces (invoice template, proposal template, brochure, sell sheet, etc.)


add-ons for any package

Ongoing marketing services

We offer full-scale marketing support for our clients so their new brands can shine. This option is perfect for companies that want marketing know-how without making a new hire. We're able to do:

  • Social media content development and maintenance
  • Website maintenance
  • Product packaging
  • Development of marketing materials, such as annual reports, ad campaigns, digital promotions, and mailers
  • Art direction for specific projects and photoshoots


One-on-one founder coaching.

Running your own show is incredibly rewarding (in fact, we wouldn't have it any other way). But it's not always easy. 

You take care of your clients, your customers, your employees, your partners, your mentees...but who's taking care of you? How do you make sure you're meeting your goals for your business—or setting them in the first place? Who's tracking your growth against your own dreams and ambitions?

You started your company for a reason (or many). Don't let that become part of the background of your day-to-day. Work with Backbone Creative's founder to help you build your business and career in a sustainable, healthy, and ambitious way. 

Jess will help you through common pitfalls of building a small business and brand management questions and issues. She'll also help you work on your personal development to build a better business while building a better business owner. The result: a happy, healthy work environment, devoted customers, and a deeper understanding of who you are as a business owner.

Interested in coaching?