Backbone Creative

Build a brand on bootstrapped budget. 

Early-stage startup budgets shouldn't mean skimping on the one thing that will connect you to your users, customers, clients, or funders. Don’t leave investor or user dollars on the table. Our startup packages are tailored for new ventures and include everything you need, nothing you don’t to grow, build a reliable user base, and get funded faster.

Map it Out.png

Map it out.

You have an idea of what your logo and website should look like, you know your way around a CMS, and you’re ballin’ on a budget. This package gives you the foundation your startup needs to get going, fast. It includes tools to raise your sail and catch a breeze straight into that ‘funded startup’ blue ocean.

You get:

  • Brand discovery form + mission statement
  • Visual inspiration board
  • Design of your logo, starting with 2 options
  • Website template  (4–6 pages)
  • BONUS: 30 min. website updating training call



Pivot towards the high seas.

Congratulations! You just got your seed money and you need...well, everything. This package is perfect for startups who want to grow aggressively and connect with their target market quickly.  It ensures that you'll have a professional, unified look and clear, concise storytelling for multiple audiences that will last well beyond your first round of funding.


You get:

  • One deep dive brand session: three hours of discussion and strategy with our founder 
  • Development of mission, vision, values, and elevator pitch
  • Brand presentation, including positioning, analysis of marketplace, customer avatar, and risk analysis
  • Logo design, starting with 3 options 
  • Copywriting for and design of your website
  • Custom letterhead and business cards

10 social media templates
30 min. website updating training call
1 additional piece of print collateral (a flyer, letterhead + mailing envelope, invoice template, etc.)

add-on for any package

One-on-one founder coaching.

Running your own show is incredibly rewarding. (We wouldn't have it any other way.) But it's not always easy.

You take care of your users, your customers, your funders, your partners...but who's taking care of you? How do you make sure you’re meeting your goals for your startup—or setting them in the first place? Who's tracking your growth against your own dreams and ambitions?

You started your venture for a reason (or many). Don't let that become part of the background of your day-to-day. Work with Backbone Creative's founder to help you build your startup and career in a sustainable, healthy, and ambitious way. 

Jess will help you through common pitfalls of building a startup and brand management questions and issues. She’ll also help you work on your personal development to build a better business while building a better business owner. The result: a happy, healthy work environment, devoted customers, and a deeper understanding of who you are as a startup founder.

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